Sponsors and Advertisers

We're looking for 5 advertisers or 1 sponsor for our program.  As an advertiser you get 2 30-second spots during our hour program to 400,000 listeners for less than $40 a week for 13 weeks (or less than $20 a week if you share this with an associate).  Or you can be a sponsor and take all 5 ad spots.  We currently have 3 more ad slots available for our second season from January-March, and will be lining up additional advertisers or a sponsor  to begin in March.

The programs are currently syndicated through the Healthy Life Radio Network at (www.healthylife.net).  You can listen to our program live from 8-9 a.m. PST each Thursday, or find us in the archives by the name of the program: Changemakers or host: Gini Graham Scott.  The link is at:

Please contact us for an ad package describing the program and listening audience in more detail.  It includes a rate sheet and information on how to become an advertiser.  An ad contract is for 13 weeks, and you can share it with an associate, since you get 2 30-second ad spots per program, or one of you could take 6 weeks and the other 7.


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