December 13, 2009:

Changemakers Radio's Second Season

We have recently started our second season in December for the next 13 weeks.  We began with one guest a show and now have two guests, followed by reflections on current trends and tips for improving yourself by host/producer Gini Graham Scott.  Our first three guests included:

          9/3/09 - Garrett Riegg - Scientific Discoveries Supproting Psychic
          9/10/09 - Patri Friedman - The New Seasteading Movement
          9/17/09 - Kyle Macdonald - Wilderness Training

Our guests for the past three months, which you can still hear on the Healthy Life.Net radio network are the following.  Just click on the link to hear the shows which have already aired.

Date Show Name/Guest
9/24 Dale Marie Golden - New Trends in Banking
10/1 Kyle Macdonald - The Growth of Wilderness Training Programs
10/8 Alisa Rose Seidlitz/Cam Mather-Environment and Living Independently
10/15 Patricia Evans/Susan Urquhart-Brown - Changing Abusive Relationships& Accidental Entrepreneurs
10/22 Liz Dubelman/Ginger Liu - Changes in Publishing & Social Media Marketing Indy Films
10/29 Susan Johnston/Neshia Farhang/Dr. Arnold Bresky-Casting, Festivals, Celebrities & Brain Tune-up
11/05 Vida Ghaffari/Lynn Banfi-Middle East Entertainment & Non-Invasive Weight Loss
11/12 Dr. Michael Rosberg/Sharry Edwards - Treating the Disabled & Vocal Healing
11/19 Ellen Cohen/Jeff Evans - Life Coaching Trends & Emotional Intelligence
11/26 Valerie Rames/Stan Goldberg/Jacqueline Mertz - Aging, Hospice & Elder Care
12/3 Nyles Bauer/Ellen Reid-Science of Consciousness & Independent Publishing
12/10 Pauli Halsted/Joey Dweck-Sustainable Eating and Losing Weight with a Weight Loss Buddy
12/17 Marcus Flanagan/Mary Mihaly-Finding Jobs as an Actor and as a Self-Employed Person
12/24 Michael Cohen/Mark Jolles-Law and Technology and the Politics of Transportation Planning
12/31 Alan Haft/John Ellis-Personal Finance & the Future of the Economy

We are still looking for 3 more advertisers for our second season. Advertisers receive 2 30-second ads on the 1 hour show which are broadcast on the radio network and its 27 affiliates that average 400,000 listeners per show.   Plus your logo, copy, and link to your Website are featured on one of our MeetUp group sites, which have 500-1000 members, and you get one e-mail a month to the members of the group.

August 20, 2009:

Changemakers Radio Launched

We are excited to announce the launch of this new CHANGEMAKERS radio series. It features one new weekly interview talk show that focuses on change -- in society and in yourself.  Typical topics include new ventures, discoveries, social trends, explorations in human consciousness, and other areas of change.  The first half hour features an interview with different guests -- from well-known personalities and noted experts and authors to people doing interesting and unique things. Then, I will be sharing my reflections on recent trends and providing you with tips and techniques for changing and improving yourself.

The programs feature these primary areas of interest:

  • Current trends
  • Pop culture and lifestyles
  • New discoveries in science
  • Explorations in psychology
  • New developments in work and business
  • Changes in law and justice

We are always looking for new guests talking about any of these topics.  These are call-in interviews to our L.A. studio which you can do from your home or office.  We tape the program about 1-2 weeks ahead of the air date.


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